The Unnecessary Ban Is Nothing But A Step Backwards Introduction

When something is being discovered inthe world and that something makes us to believe that we are making great advancements into the future and that the real progress is being attained. We took a step forward literally, when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon and barring all the conspiracy about the Russians being the first ones to do it, we can safely say that it was a ‘giant leap for mankind’ and in all sense it was a huge advancement in terms of technological aspects of the world as well as the courage that everyone could muster in order to achieve that kind of a feet. So with things like this that is happening in order to make people progress and give the advancements of technological as well as social progression into the future, why are we still bound by certain rules that may seem like helping us to progress into the future but is actually holding us back and trapping our potentials and focus onto things that are no less important than the weeds in a farmland. Things like sbobet indonesia that being overly focus and emphasized by the governments as being social evils that that is primitive holding our progress back, may be true in theory but in practice there is no evidence to prove otherwise.


The Wrong Suspect

Everyone needs a something that needs to be put into place in order to make sure that the main parties do not get tarnished and therefore blamed or harmed. That is simply called a scapegoat. In terms of the society and how much we are progressing and the aspects that are holding back that progress are these small things such as cockfighting as well as tambak ikan that seems to be the scapegoat for the government. It is chose by them for mainly two reasons. Firstly to create the illusion that the government is functioning on the important issues. Secondly, is to divert the focus away from the actual issues that is the real reason for the slow progress such as rape and murder.


Ideally, there should be less focus on these aspects and more on the important ones by the people to force the hand of officials.